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    Your upcoming move is important to you. So it's important to us, too. That's why we only work with quality moving companies.

    We know that when you're looking to hire an interstate removals company to handle your beloved items, you want the peace of mind knowing that they are in safe hands. While any company is welcome to use our software, we only use the absolute best companies when matching jobs and backloads.


    You can rest easy knowing that when you book available truck space with Muval, your belongings are in the safe hands of qualified and insured removal specialists.

  • How does it work?

    Thousands of Australians move interstate every year; in fact, over 350,000! More often than not, after a moving company has helped a customer move, the truck comes back to their depot predominantly empty. Additionally, trucks and containers can often have up to 40% wasted capacity.


    This big inefficiency is where Muval comes in.


    Muval connects you with a quality removal company that has available space in their truck, so you can move at a reduced rate. Simply enter some basic information about your move online at www.muval.com.au, and their team help take care of the rest. This idea of sharing space in a truck to get a reduced rate is sometimes referred to in the moving industry as “backloading”… but whatever you call it, it just makes sense!

    But it’s not just interstate moves that Muval can help with. They can also help you find local removal companies as well.


    So, if you’re in the process of buying or selling your home and have started to think about “the move”, take a look at Muval – at least to get a few quick indicative prices from some great removal companies.

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you're not satisfied with the company you are matched with after you pay your deposit, we'll refund you within 2 days.

    Careful packing and transport

    Our removalists are trained professionals who are experts in careful wrapping and packing of your belongings.


    Muval sets a high standard for professionalism and professional conduct with all of our member companies.

  • What information do I need to include in my removal quote?

    There are a number of items that need to be considered to ensure there are no hiccups when the removalist come to move your home. The key items to consider are locations, moving date, items to be moved, price, insurance and building access.

    • Locations – Be clear about where you are moving from and where you are moving to. Even if you don’t know the exact address you will move into, but you know the city or suburb, you can always get an indication of price based on that.
    • Addresses – Giving the actual address will mean the removalist will be able to provide an accurate quote. If the address hasn’t been secured, you can always opt for a storage option, whereby your goods can be moved and stored, until the point you are ready to move in, and your goods delivered to your address. If this is not likely to happen, you may be best using a shipping container storage method, and specifically requesting this so that your container can be removed from the truck, stored in a safe location, and then picked up and delivered to your new home.
    • Moving Date – Always state the day that you will be moving to your new house and provide other optional days if able. The more flexible you can be on your move date, the greater chance you have of saving money. Often, most removalists tend to ensure that the whole truck is utilised, and Muval supports the removalists by ensuring all the space on a given truck, for a given route is utilised. By adding on, or matching up with other people’s moves, there can be a great deal of savings to be had.
    • Items to be moved – Provide clear descriptions of how many boxes, the size of the boxes, furniture or bulky items and their dimensions (including estimated weight). Provide an inventory list with photos to help the removalist to quote accurately based on your belongings. Alternatively, using a simple inventory calculator (like the one on Muval) which takes the guess work out of how much you space you might need.
    • Price – Give your removalist an idea of your budget if you have one. Where this can help is if you have a price in mind, a good removalist will be able to optimise the best and most affordable way for you to move. Being flexible with dates, reducing the amount of space you need by selling things or donating them, packing things neatly and efficiently. All this will help with the price.
    • Insurance – Are you okay with the standard insurance or are you looking for a little more cover? In general, there are two forms of insurance cover for moving your goods. First, most reputable removalist companies will have ‘Goods In Transit’ insurance, which is a basic cover that protects your goods in the instance of a truck accident or similar. Secondly, is full insurance, which covers all of your belongings from any and all damage, including accidental damage. It is imperative that you both ask and receive a copy of the insurance policy terms. Don’t just assume your goods are covered, or that ‘Goods In Transit’ insurance will cover you also.
    • Building access – One of the biggest mistakes most people make is not providing a clear description of their homes. It is important to provide the removalist with these details to ensure they can actually complete the job on the day and are well prepared for what is required. Things to consider; do you live in an apartment? How can you remove bulky items from your home? Where can the removalist park? Does your house have stairs? If so how many? Where are the items being delivered to? What’s the best entrance point to your building? Are there any restrictions on your property? What are the heaviest items that need to be moved, and where do they need to go through?
  • How much does moving interstate cost?

    The cost of moving interstate depends on how far you are travelling, and how much space you need to move. Below is a rough estimate of the space you need depending on dwelling size.

    Approximate volume of items depending on dwelling size

    Please note the below numbers are a guide only. Moving apartment Studio apartment  12m31 bedroom apartment  18m32 bedroom apartment  28m33 bedroom apartment  35m3 Moving house 3 bedroom house 0m34 bedroom house  45m35 bedroom house60m3
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